Advanced Training in Integrated Sustainable Waste Management
for Siberian Companies and Authorities


Engineering, environmental and project inquiries:
- create passport waste for waste hazard classes I-IV, calculation of hazard classes for the environment;
- develop process procedure for waste management;
- develop “waste production and disposal limits project”;
- develop and support byprepare of the annualenvironmental statistical reports2TP (Waste);
- calculatecharges for negative impact on the environment for small and medium-size enterprises;
- develop project documentation for contaminated site treatment;
- prepare project in waste management (preparation of investment offers, business plans; fund-raising);
- develop and implement federal and regional projects in waste management.

Lab services:
- conduct physical-chemical analysis, measuring, other types of quality control of raw material and waste;
- verify the assignment of waste to hazard class V via biotesting;
- define fractional and morphological composition of waste.

- offer consultations on waste management in different industrial sectors and using different types of waste;
- offer consultations on legal frameworks in waste management;
- offer consultations on the choice of modern equipment for waste recycling, recovery, treatment and disposal;
- provide methodological assistance in licensing in the area of waste management;
- provide information-analytic assistance in activities related to the area of waste management;
- systematise the waste data in the region, assess the compliance of technologies in service with BAT (best available technology);
- environmental audit;
- environmental expert analysis of projects in the area of waste management.

Educational services:
- organise personnel training, retraining and advanced training in waste management;
- organise conferences, seminars, trainings, round tables in the area of waste management;
- systematise educational programs in the area of waste management;
- create methodological guidelines for educational programs in the area of waste management;
- organise internships on waste management, including international ones.

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